Leena Blom-Hilden , born in Finland and raised in Australia and India, found her passion for the visual language of art at a very young age. This lead to choices in her education that allowed for more time on art as a subject and increased exposure to the world of the arts.  Since that time, Leena has experimented with the many media of creative expression available to us. Painting, ceramics, textiles, make up art and fashion, sculpture, interior design and architecture, poetry and music have been explored to varying depths and her passion today for the visual media has taken decades to develop into the multi-disciplinary language presented today. Throughout those years she has presented and sold work in her current country of residence, The Netherlands, and globally with group and solo exhibitions in galleries and other private and public venues.

Her still life paintings find the ordinary and the silent witnesses of our daily lives speaking in whispers from the canvas in symbolic messages.

The abstract landscapes speak of a grander perspective and viewpoint and of those life-changing moments when we are lifted outside of our own limitations.

The wearable art pieces in copper, silver, brass and stones are statements and expressions of our unique longing to be a part of the symphony of nature without losing our unicity.

Leena’s sculptures bring together all of these perspectives and she enthusiastically expands.

‘To cast in bronze is forever,’ Leena states.

‘An ethereal image becomes lasting and able to withstand the elements.

With these qualities I aim to show my subjects in a new light. Their hidden power or strength is quietly displayed.’

‘When interacting with a bronze sculpture we long to touch and feel its weight and cool surface. Experiencing with our eyes and our hands triggers vulnerability and tenderness in us, giving us a new perspective on what we are seeing’, she continues.

‘A soft touch on cool metal is satisfying on many levels.’

When asked why she creates the work she creates, the artists response is simple:

‘I am inspired by the relationship between strength and beauty found in flora, fauna and humankind. To interact with my work will bring your experience of the subject closer to you and trigger a unique emotional response.’

‘That is ultimately why I create art’, Leena says. ‘That which seems vulnerable and fragile at first glance is actually infused with a deeper knowing and power. Beauty has power of a different kind and I intend to understand her as she unfolds to me.’